Monday, August 04, 2008

Bicara Cinta

Bicara Cinta is a drama series currently being aired on Astro. Honestly speaking I'm not much of a fan for local Malay drama or film. Hate to say it but it make me feel stupid to watch Malay drama or movie (if I may borrow a local expression you Malay movie followers would know. ) But Bicara Cinta has a story line and theme that I love and that is Batik.

The main story is about love between two young couples juggling a relationship in between their individual business ventures. Then there's a third person who is an additional main character which is intended to complicate the original love story. Between the montage and the story the flow, it is not easy for the audience to understand the intention of the story. However, the contribution between actors Aqasha and Fazura makes it compelling for the audience to follow thru the series to know the outcome of the relationship between the characters they play.

Then there's this story line about this batik factory owner in Kelantan who wants to maintain her family tradition of batik making. This is the story line that make me want to watch the series. I've seen about 8 to 9 episodes now and find the drama flow is a bit slow for my liking. The Kelantan accent by the actors are "phathetic."

The story is yet to finish. All in all, it is a good try by the producer. I think I'll watch it to the end.

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Mohd Kamal said...

Kena subscribe Astro la lepas ni. Asyik2 dok tengok "Bicara Menteri" jer kat TV1. Recommend "Kekasihku Seru" di TV3. Best gak...